Advices for a suscesfull moving

Moving is an important step requiring a lot of time and organization. If you don’t plan correctly, you will lack the time to do everything in time, which can lead you to problems like breakages, losses or oversights. To avoid this, we listed some general advice to ensure the success of your moving.
11 to 2 months before the moving
It is important to choose determine the date of the moving. After, it’s important to make sure you book the moving with us so we can prepare everything that you will need to move safely and quickly.
23 to 4 weeks before the moving
You need to start thinking of your animals, if you have some. Sort what you want to keep and what you don’t.

Make a list / inventory of everything that will be moved to prevent oversight.
31 to 2 weeks before the moving
Prepare a box that will regroup useful supplies and equipment for the moving such as : gloves, tape, hammer, etc.

You can start packing your dishes and utensils and just keep the strict minimum.

If your family or friends are going to be helping on the day of the moving, it’s a great time to confirm their presence.
4What type of packing to use
Try to avoid big boxes. They can block your view when moving them around.

Ask for help if you are moving something heavy (50 pounds and more)

Make sure the boxes will be able to resist their content.
5How to tape like a pro
Make sure you have the required material available: a pen, scissors, and obviously, tape.

Next, name every box according to their content to avoid waste of time. Do not overfill your boxes.
6How to reduce the costs
To avoid wasting money when moving, ask your family and friends for help. It will greatly reduce the cost of your moving .
7 Day
Be ready before our team arrive. Finish packing your goods.

It is useful to have a small box with essential elements like water, collations and bandages. It is also recommended to do a final check of your house to make sure you don't forget anything.

Customer service

Here at Moving St-François Express, we want to give the best customer service possible. This is why we provide you with a simple list of advice that will greatly facilitate your moving.

By preparing the moving, you will reduce the risk of unexpected events and waste of time.

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