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  • Cushion cover


    You invest time and money to get your goods, you give them capital importance, and well with high quality equipment we respect this. Our quilted covers are designed to cushion accidental impacts, scratches or other physical damage will offer you a hassle-free move. For extra protection, opt for our covers.

  • Dish moving box


    We know how difficult it is to pack dishes. Plates of glass, cups and porcelain, make sure to pack them individually and not overfill this box. This will greatly facilitate the transfer of your dishes from one kitchen to the other.

  • Lamp shade box


    Use this box to store your lamp shades in order to avoid damage.

  • Mattress cover


    With a wide range of protective films (single, double, queen and king), your mattress (s) will be transported safely. Our blanket specially designed to block dust ingress, is treated against all types of bacteria for safe and healthy transport.

  • Moving box – 1.5 cubic foot


    A compact box that can hold a multitude of small objects. Perfect for the contents of your shelves.

  • Moving box – 2 cubic feet


    As light as 1.5 cubic feet, this box with a slightly larger capacity can, for example, carry the contents of your bathroom cabinets.

  • Moving box – 4 cubic feet


    Its large size allows you to store even larger objects. It is ideal for kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, blenders and others.

  • Moving box – 5 cubic feet


    Box of very large capacity, put away your towels and bed sheets. Fill one with your cookware and other items occupying a larger space. Be sure to securely pack the fragile items.

  • Moving box for exterior mirror


    Identical and different from both the interior boxes, our exterior boxes are a little bigger size, allowing you to insert larger objects such as computer screens, and even small TVs, frames or mirrors of larger dimensions. Just like the interior box, this box is built for maximum protection of your goods.

  • Moving box for interior mirror


    This box is made to fit the dimensions of your mirrors, frames or other objects requiring special attention during transport is meticulously constructed to offer maximum damping of impacts due to transport. This will eliminate virtually any risk of breakage.

  • Wardrobe Box


    A very large box saving you a lot of time and energy. Thanks to this box and its metal bar, it’s like a portable wardrobe! You can empty your wardrobes in the blink of an eye without having to remove the clothes from the hangers.