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Residential and commercial moving over the province

ST-FRANÇOIS EXPRESS moving , created in 1967, is a leader in the residential and commercial moving industry. We are located nearby the city of Anjou.

Commercial moving experts

You are planning to move your company to a better location in North America? At St-Francois Express , we are offering commercial moving adapted to your needs. From small to big enterprise, we have all the tools and workers required to move your company as fast as possible.

With more than 45 years of experience in the commercial moving industry, your enterprise will be moved quickly, securely and minutely. We are located nearby the city of Anjou.

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Anjou Residential moving

Moving home is stressful. It requires a lot of planning and time. Here at St-François Express, our employees take care of everything. With a solid schedule and an effective and safe packing. No more reason to stress about it! We are located nearby the city of Anjou.

Anjou Commercial moving

As you may already know, a commercial moving requires a lot of preparation. To reduce the downtime of your professional activities to a minimum, we offer an all in one moving service so you can keep your mind on what's really important: your business. We are located nearby the city of Anjou.